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Steve and Al

Holman Jenkins finds it strange that Al Gore is the protector of Steve Jobs:

We can only wonder what Al Gore is making of his experience as the No. 1 defender of today’s No. 1 backdating miscreant.

Mr. Gore, an Apple director, was a member of the
special two-man committee that investigated and exonerated Steve Jobs
in the backdating matter. By now, we presume he is well-versed in what
backdating is and isn’t. But how easily Mr. Gore — the scourge of Big
Pharma, etc. — could have been the one braying about greed, CEO theft,
the defrauding of shareholders.

I didn’t know that Gore was half of the committee. It puts this moment from yesterday’s keynote address into a whole new light:

10:23am – "I can double-tap and it’ll zoom in — I can make this text
bigger if I want to, and there it is. Isn’t this cool? There is the New
York Times. Unbelievable. You can look at multiple web pages as well, I
just push this button in the corner, shrinks it down, and I can add a
new page. Let’s go to Amazon. I like looking at what DVDs are selling
— I like especially when Disney DVDs are on top."

– Page is loading, albeit a bit slowly. "And here we are, and there’s a
section over here, and these are the top sellers. Oh look, Al’s "An
Inconvenient Truth" is number one. Now I can go back to the NYT if I
want, I can get rid of these by just hitting the X." Looks a bit like
the UIQ browser, but much more slick.

When he just happened to check out DVD’s and just happened to find Al’s DVD (love that first name basis!), I thought he was pandering to the environmentalist in all of us to show how he’s a good  guy. But no. It’s was a little thank you to Al. I wonder if Gore was happy to see his DVD touted or whether he cringed.