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I broke down and bought a Kindle.

What I like after taking it on a four day trip:

Having a bunch of different stuff to read that takes up very little space.

The act of reading on it. It’s surprisingly pleasant. I find myself reading quickly.

How relatively easy it is to take notes.

How incredibly easy it is to mark a passage

The ability to download a bunch of samples to read before you buy and buying the one you’re in the mood to read.

Buying books that don’t clutter my house. I have a lot of books already.

What I don’t like

Not having books around the house I’ve read to pick up and share with my family and friends

Reading the Sunday New York Times. It’s just not as much fun. Not even close. Didn’t really even want to read it. I’d really have to want to read a particular article.

Having to turn it off when the plane takes off or lands.

It’s a weird thought to think that this might be the future of reading. It’s possible that it might be. It would be sad to lose the opportunity to look at a shelf of books and figure out what I want to read next or what I want to share with my kids. But it might be worth it if it means you can carry around a few thousand books with you all the time which is the way it’s heading.