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….and Purse-Snatchers Steal

Here’s a letter that I sent to the New York Times:

Gail Collins rightly laments that “Cutting a federal program is next to impossible” (“Florida, We Have a Problem,” Feb. 4).  And she offers several bipartisan examples of how this program and that project waste taxpayer money, serving no goal other than fattening some special-interest lobby and promoting the reelection of some venal Representative or Senator.

Ms. Collins seems to understand that such dysfunctionality is in the nature of the beast perched atop Capitol Hill – a fact that prompts the question: Why does Ms. Collins favor greater government control over the health-care industry?  Why does she trust, say, Sen. Schumer’s input into, and support of, major health-care “reform” when this same Sen. Schumer incurs her appropriate wrath for his anti-social politicking on behalf of a small Rochester clothier?

Gaining access to a room containing an unusually large number of people carrying purses doesn’t transform a purse-snatcher into an Albert Schweitzer.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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