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Lining Up the Arguments

The obnoxious new Arizona statute that further restricts Arizonans’ abilities to voluntarily associate, in their own homes and workplaces, with persons of their own choosing is much in the news.

This discussion reminds me of a debate that I had years ago in Manhattan with Michelle Malkin.  Michelle kept repeating that illegal immigrants “cut in line” and that only persons who “wait in line” deserve entry into the U.S.  (Even though I’m sure that I had the better argument – both economically and ethically – Michelle cleaned my clock in the debate.  She’s a very effective debater.)

This idea that there’s a line – a queue – for immigrating into the U.S. is highly misleading.  So I take this opportunity to highlight some of the items featured in the past here at the Cafe on this important issue.

First are these two analyses, from 2006, of the ‘wait in line’ refrain.  Here, and then here.  Next is Jeff Jacoby’s June 2007 insightful take on this matter.  Finally, there’s this 2006 empirical study by Stuart Anderson.

UPDATE: Here’s a germane cartoon (HT Reuvain Borchardt).