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by Don Boudreaux on April 6, 2012

in Books, Budget Issues, Environment, Nanny State, Politics, Seen and Unseen, The Profit Motive

Tim Worstall’s Chasing Rainbows is now available on Kindle.  Highly recommended!  (Unlike Tim, though, I’m no member of the Pigou Club.)

In today’s Newsday, I sing the praises of speculators.

Jacob Sullum discusses George Will’s recent column on drugs, drug legalization, and the late James Q. Wilson’s opposition to legalization.

Here’s John Lott on Barack Obama on Paul Ryan.

Jim Dorn writes about the winner of the 2012 Milton Friedman Prize for Advanicing Liberty, Mao Yushi.

Finally, I’m eager to read my GMU Econ colleague Larry White’s soon-to-be released The Clash of Economic Ideas.


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