My GMU colleague Todd Zywicki, from over in the law school, has a new paper (with James Sherk) on the costly and crony-capitalist rule-breaking auto U.A.W. bailout.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams will feature a report on some of the good, life-saving work done by very real heroes of mine: Chip Mellor and his team at the Institute for Justice.  There is no civilized excuse for existing government restrictions on free-market commerce in bone marrow, kidneys, and other life-saving organs.

Jarrett Skorup challenges proponents of minimum-wage legislation.

Here’s timeless (!) macroeconomic wisdom from Roger Garrison and Gene Callahan.

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I discuss the difference between money and wealth.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby discusses some of economist John Goodman’s work on how health-care would be supplied better the freer is the market for such care.

Reason’s Matt Welch is understandably mystified by David Brooks’s weird fetish for authority figures.  (Be sure also to read the link that Matt supplies to a related essay by Radley Balko.)

Doug Bandow rightly calls for an end to the FDA’s power to dictate what medicines Americans are allowed to buy.


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