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Even Saturday Night Live is poking fun at Obamacare.  This new government intervention would indeed be funny if its dangers weren’t so large, real, and remorseless.

Megan McArdle identifies and explains 11 pieces of conventional wisdom about Obamacare that ought not be conventional.

Using Tesla Motors as an example, Bart Hinkle explains what’s wrong with capitalism in modern America.

If you’ve not slept for 72 hours you would naturally be very tired, irritable, confused, and clumsy.  You would certainly not be close to operating at your peak efficiency.  A sensible friend would advise you to get some sleep, even though doing so requires that you miss a good time tonight at your favorite bar or causes you to lose some income by skipping work today.  But if you have a Keynesian friend, that good and undoubtedly well-meaning comrade would advise you to stay awake and keep on going by downing as many Red Bulls as it takes to rev your motor at its normal RPM.  Where’s the harm in that?!

Walter Olson, inspired by John Cochrane, explains some of the realities of government regulation.


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