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Aaron the Aaron writes, in response to this Cafe Hayek post from last night:

Puuleeze. I’m positive that you don’t give a scientifically balanced discussion of the minimum wage in your course. Your coverage of it is as biased and fact-free as your coverage at your blog.

Mr. the Aaron is not a student in my class, so he was not in attendance last night (or, for that matter, in attendance at any of the many other classes that I’ve taught since 1982).  So I wonder what epistemologically legitimate basis Mr. the Aaron has for inferring about my class a fact for which he has no observed and quantified empirical evidence.

If one is going to naively insist that all that we legitimately know is only that which we actually observe and quantify, then I’m positive (!) that Mr. the Aaron cannot be “positive” about the contents of my lectures.

(Sorry, but I couldn’t resist this easy smack-down, with one of his own bats, of a now long-time e-mail correspondent who trucks in cheap shots.)