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Barry Brownstein explains the peacefulness of free trade and the violence of protectionism.  A slice:

Peace results when individuals and organizations are free to cooperate and promote prosperity across borders without restrictions on trade.

Writing in the Dallas Morning News, Steve Pejovich critically examines Bernie Sanders’s socialism.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the state of California’s recent doubling-down on its cruelty toward low-skilled workers.

I agree with James Pethokoukis that special privileges for high-income professionals should be abolished.  (I agree, however, not because abolishing such special privileges will diminish income inequality but, instead, because abolishing such special privileges – like abolishing any special privileges – is to abolish things that are both immoral and economically harmful to the general population.)

See how your U.S. state is affected by Uncle Sam’s regulations.

My colleague Alex Tabarrok, writing at his and Tyler Cowen’s blog Marginal Revolution, explores the connection between Europe’s rigid labor markets and terrorism.


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