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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 179 of the 1985 (3rd) edition of the late Ralph Raico’s translation of Ludwig von Mises’s great 1927 book, Liberalism:

The antiliberal candidate promises special privileges to every particular group of voters: higher prices to the producers and lower prices to the consumers; higher salaries to public officeholders and lower taxes to taxpayers. He is prepared to agree to any desired expenditure at the cost of the public treasury or of the rich. No group is too small for him to disdain to seek its favor by a gift from the pocket of the “general public.” The liberal candidate can only say to all voters that the pursuit of such special favors is antisocial.

DBx: Mises, who died in 1973, was born 139 years ago on this date (September 29th).

Pictured above is Mises, with Fritz Machlup on his left.


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