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Some Links

J.D. Tuccille warns of the dangers of government mandates.

Alan Reynolds writes sensibly about covid-19 numbers. A slice:

Mining the same vein for the USA, the CDC finds the number in the New York City metro area who have been infected and recovered is at least six times larger than the known tally of “confirmed” cases – making it tougher for the virus to jump to new hosts. This also means the true infection death rate (after uncounted mild and asymptomatic cases are included) is much, much lower than once imagined.

I agree with David Henderson that the covid lockdowns are instances of banana-republic-style “government.

Richard Ebeling warns that “stakeholder capitalism” is really “stakeholder fascism.

Jonah Goldberg insists that the New York Times should publicly explain why it is stealthily editing what it published as the infamous “1619 Project.”

Matt Welch decries the witch-hunts sparked by identity politics.

“What economic lessons about health care costs can we learn from the competitive market for cosmetic procedures?” – so asks Mark Perry.

My Mercatus Center colleague – and GMU Econ alum – Shruti Rajagopalan bemoans the rent-seeking that prevents agricultural reform in India.

And here Shruti joins forces with Daniel Griswold to explore how to make a great U.S.-India trade agreement.