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Some Covid Links

Although we talk about other topics – including wine – the heart of my recent discussion with the wonderful Anne Fortier is about Covid and Covid tyranny.

Jordan Schachtel is rightly critical of the gargantuan straw man now brutalizing Shanghai. A slice:

When does this end, and what will be the global reaction to China’s COVID measures?

Hopefully nothing. Thankfully, at least some areas of the world, particularly the free regions of America, have become wise to the pseudoscience behind the lockdowns and other “tools” purportedly designed to stop people from getting sick. However, much of the world remains propagandized into potentially accepting another round of COVID tyranny.

China used its early 2020 lockdown as a political weapon to showcase its apparent political superiority, and the CCP persuaded the West to adopt similar policies that resulted in economic and humanitarian disaster.

The Wuhan lockdown lasted only a handful of weeks, but its declared “success” in defeating COVID convinced the vast majority of the world to attempt to replicate the severe restrictions. For two years, China has claimed to have stamped out the coronavirus with a lockdown + “COVID Zero” policy, but attempts to replicate the measures have resulted in unprecedented disaster for humanity, as lockdowns catastrophically failed to stop the spread.

Also decrying China’s lockdowns is Wall Street Journal columnist James Freeman. A slice:

Two years after prescribing Covid lockdowns, U.S. government disease doctor Anthony Fauci now acknowledges he may never be able to justify the massive societal costs of his radical therapy. But China’s communists, who have acknowledged so very little throughout the Covid era, are still imposing one of the world’s largest experiments in human isolation on the 25 million people of Shanghai. The Journal’s Wenxin Fan reports that one of the world’s most comprehensive lockdowns, in which people have been prevented from dog-walking among myriad other banned activities, will continue past Monday.

David Kirton of Reuters reports that “the city is straining under the demands of the country’s ‘dynamic clearance’ strategy, with some residents complaining of crowded and unsanitary central quarantine centres, as well as difficulties in securing food and medical help.” He adds:

Some have begun to question the policies, asking why COVID-positive children are separated from their parents.

Amy tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

Once you realise that Zero Covid isn’t a reasoned scientific opinion—but a belief borne of faith—the whole discussion (the venom, the persecution of non believers, the inability to compromise, the fixed, immutable views refractory to evidence) starts to make so much more sense

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

In response to this report, Maud Maron tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

The hypocrisy is thick on this one ⁦@NYCMayor⁩. At today’s press conference you stand in front of signs that say “In NYC you can say whatever you want” & then the NYC law department fires a mom for saying “when will you unmask my toddler?”

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