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Some Links

Jason Sorens asks if we should abolish zoning.

William Silber worries about the growing indebtedness of the U.S. government.

Arnold Kling rightly argues that the work of the late Nobel-laureate economist Douglass North is under-appreciated, especially by mainstream economists. [DBx: While I find Deirdre McCloskey’s criticisms of some of North’s work persuasive, I agree with Arnold that North’s work is excellent and important and should be much more widely studied.]

Russ Roberts talks with Walter Russell Mead.

Jay Nordlinger talks with George Will.

Bob and Alanna Graboyes on SoHo.

Michael Shellenberger tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

The idea that EU governments are forming Truth Ministries to censor their citizens sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s happening at this moment. And when asked how they will make sure politicians don’t abuse their censorship powers, the politicians have no answer.